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Another Arrow in my Quiver: Adding a New Genre to the Repetoire

I envy most other hard core gamers; they seem to be able to devour games at an alarming rate. If our gaming lives were an evening out for dinner, most other hardcore gamers would be at a Vegas all you can eat buffet, their plates piled high with all sorts of tasty goodness. My dinner would be at a fancy restaurant where your plate is big, but empty. Each bite is to be savoured and enjoyed to its fullest.

My new boyfriend: Stealth Action Games

While I do like the way I game, slowly, methodically: I wish I had the time and skill to enjoy all that gaming has to offer.

Since I am a slow gamer, I must budget my time, rather than my cash in order to make the most of my gaming. Historically, I have narrowed my focus: RPGs only. In fact, in my earliest gaming career, my perceived lack of skill meant i only felt comfortable with turn based RPGs.

When God of War came out, everyone said that it was a must play: for gameplay (fine, whatever… I didn’t “do” action games) but for the visuals and the art (okay… now I’m listening). I got it, played it and lo and behold. I even finished it on “normal”. almost. I jacked it down to easy for the final boss.  Hey, I’m in this to enjoy myself. Hours of frustration is not enjoying myself.

Point being I am open to new gaming types other than RPGs; they just really have to capture my attention.

So, I played Batman: Arkham Asylum when it came out: it looked cool and a buddy of mine kept going on about the voice acting. Then Splinter Cell: Conviction trailers and hype made me go “wow.” Got it, loved the Last Known Position and Mark and /execute mechanics. Multiplayer is fun too!

Then I was chatting with another buddy of mine. We were talking about games I could pick up, when he said “Dude, I left Assassin’s Creed 2 in the bag with your PS2,  along with the box set of Farscape.”

Everyone needs friends like that.

And so, I finally started AC2. Damn but this is my kind of game. I don’t need to fight directly if I don’t want to. I can take my time, in fact I am encouraged to do so. There are hidden “thingies” to find. A city to explore. I think about this game when I am not playing it. In short: hurray! A new franchise to know and love!

Wait a minute: Batman: AA, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Assassin’s Creed 2… I am a stealth action fan!? Who knew? How is this possible?

Well… Let’s think. In every RPG I tend to take a stealth character first: Infiltrator in Mass Effect, Thief types in Elder Scrolls. Fallout 3 I created a stealth based, headshot master. So maybe this makes sense after all.

I sometimes wonder if my love of stealth characters is because I fear an all out brawl. Afraid that my lack of skill is going to show and I won’t be able to finish the game. If that’s the case: I should get over it. I have been able to finish games with a non-stealth character on a second playthrough. In fact in Mass Effect I took the opposite of a stealth character and didn’t lose anyone on the suicide mission. I was running into too much trouble in Oblivion as a stealth character, so I creater an all out brawler so that I could sirvive long enough to get used to the game, then I switched back to my stealth character. I wonder if one day I will turn into a straight up action fan.

Now that I am new to the genre of stealth action, can you lads and lasses direct me to some gems I am missing? I have much to explore… after I finish Assassin’s Creed 2 of course…