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Coming to you via iPhone – Friday Open Thread

Motherhood is busy work, and while I have been able to do some gaming, I have not been keeping up with gaming news. Anything announced this week that caught your fancy?

I finished Lair of the Shadow Broker on ME2. Loved it, especially the reward. The shadow broker’s power is subtle and the reward ikeeps in line with this.


I also changed the look of the site. Teell me what you think.

Other than that, post away. This is your thread!

Friday Show and Tell – Your Week in review

This site features a lot of criticism on gaming. Sometimes we have to stop and remember that gaming is super fun.

Post here and tell everyone what you did in gaming this week that made you go “Squee!” Or if you are in the mood, share something you are looking forward to in the week ahead. Or share a gaming related blog that you think is awesome: tell us why we should all go take a look.

Want to see something here are YellingatPixels? Let me know!

Basically: this is your thread. Share away!