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Help! Lost Dog

Please help, I’ve lost my dog.  Answers to the name  “Rex.”  He is about hip high, and hates rats and people with hats. Distinguishing features ‘include a visible rotting canine brain and cybertronic limbs. If you see him roaming then Mojave Wasteland, let me know, cause he is holding about 200lbs worth of cooking ingredients.

Seriously folks: any ideas? He is not at my base (the Lucky 38) and he is not at King’s School of Impersonation. I wonder if he is caught on some junk in the Mojave. Next time, Bethesda, all you would have to do is once you are able to recruit a follower, have a quest called “Rex” or “Boone” or whatever that you could activate to put a quest marker on your map that shows where they are. That would be great, thanks.

I also had one of those “ROLE playing game” moments. Cass and I were trying to find out what happened to her caravan. Spoilers: Crimson Caravan and the Van Graffs have something to do with it. You can do one of two things, either find the evidence through sneaking and lockpicking or go all Thelma and Louise and kick everyone’s ass.

We chose Option #2. Cause you know what they say: Revenge is a dish best served by me. Now, the Van Graffs are crazy violent jackasses who have their base of operation in the store that sells BIG BAD WEAPONS. Going in there with both guns blazing would be suicide. But Cass and I downed a flask of whiskey and did it anyway. Holy GEEZ! Super fun times! Once the smoke cleared we had a ton of great stuff to loot and a wicked story to tell. Now we just have to off some old chick and vengeance would be ours. Would be easier if I had my damn dog!

One thing I am finding in this game is that you can’t really min/max. In other words, it’s tough to build a character that is “perfect,” as this game encourages you to make tough decisions about character development. Case in point, I lowered my charisma to a four on ten; I also didn’t put any points into speechcraft or barter. After all, I didn’t really need this in Fallout 3, and you can’t talk your way around fiends. But that’s the point. You CAN talk your way around Ceasar’s Legion, the NCR and Mr. House. In fact you can beat final stage of the game without killing anyone. And there are many places in the game where there is some sort of check against speech, barter or other non-combat skills such as medicine or science. Bethesda made Fallout: New Vegas hard to play if you aren’t well rounded, which actually makes sense to the spirit of the game.

So, in this game I am really trying to not min/max as much as usual. I am trying to go with what I will enjoy playing. If that means a kinda screwed up character, then so be it. It’s too much fun to take it too seriously.

Friday Open Thread: Black Friday Wishlists

So, this poor wee blog got ignored quite a bit over the past month, but I have returned. Fear not. My reader (s) were ever in my heart and thoughts. Over the past month I played a bunch of Fallout: New Vegas, got back on Magic The Gathering: Online (although that was very recent) and finished Fable 3.

Oh: Also everyone in the household was sick. Still are. The baby has also begun teething a whole 3 months early. It’s going to be an awesome time.

But that is in the past, and now it’s time to look forward. Black Friday is almost upon us. Black Friday (for my Canadian friends) is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which marks the holiday shopping season. Stores have doorcrasher sales like NOTHING we have here in the frozen north.  Say what you want to about Americans, they have us Canucks beat when it comes to making good iced tea, barbecue and sales.

So, this week is the week to let your friends and family know what you want for Christmas. Wait too much longer and it’s Tim Horton’s gift certificates. Which would be awesome.

This year I don’t want too much *stuff*. I would rather have consumables, services or digital content for Christmas.  I have taken up too much of the Earth’s resources. And besides, I have two small kids; the junk just piles up higher and faster. I have asked for Microsoft Points, cause I know there is going to be lots of DLC coming out for Fallout: New Vegas. Any Fable 3 DLC will really have to wow me for me to pick it up. Very disappointed.

As an aside, if you are going to give Fable a shot, hit me up with a friend request and I will gift you a nest egg to get going.

My mom is a huge fan of the Heroes of Might and Magic series: from what I can tell it’s a turn based strategy game from Ubisoft. She loves it and if I had it that would probably make Mom happy. We could talk about mutual games. The family that plays together and all that.

Other than that I am not sure what else I really want in terms of gaming. A chat pad would be nice, but again I am trying to stay away from getting stuff this year. I was wondering about a digital e-reader. I would save on paper waste, but I would have created electronic waste and that isn’t great either.

But if I WAS to break my “no stuff for Christmas” vow, what *new* IP do you think I should ask for? Or is there something on XBL Marketplace that is a must have?

What are you asking for this Christmas? Any great and wonderful plans? Let me know! Or just post whatever you are thinking about with gaming and such. Anything in particular you want to see?