Like  most gamers, I’m passionate about my hobby.  I love gaming of all sorts: FPS, RPG, Strategy, Casual. Being a gamer has opened me up to a new culture and community.  It’s dynamic, it’s nerdy… it’s just really fun.

But if you are a gamer, you know this. If you aren’t, know that you could be. I firmly believe that there is a perfect game for each of us, because we are wired to play.

While I self-identify as a gamer, I often find that I am critical of gaming: of the community and of the games themselves. I believe that as a gaming community, we can be adult and understand that it’s okay to be critical of gaming’s downfalls, and still maintain our passion. One does not negate the other.

It’s a Love/Hate relationship at times, and this blog is to explore that relationship. I want to create a space where we, as gamers, can come together and have a rational, high-level debate about the merits and pitfalls of gaming, the industry and the community.

Can this be done on the internet? I hope so.


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