Monthly Archives: October 2011

Diary of a Lapsed Gamer

So… blogging. I remember you. Sort of.

I am trying to find something to say about gaming, but truth is I haven’t really been doing much gaming or reading about gaming. I played a ton of Magic The Gathering 2012 on the PS3. Oh right. I got a PS3 as a “I’m a Great Mommy” award from my husband and kids. Got a few old school PS games. Haven’t finished them. Got Catherine. Haven’t finished it. Excited for Skyrim.  Batman Arkham City looks great. Should pick it up soon. Maybe.

Why the ennui? Last time I was on maternity leave, I was doing significantly more gaming than I am now. What has changed?

Well, this time around I am much more busy. Two kids>one kid. I KNOW! Math! And it’s not just that two kids is twice the work of one, it’s that the older one has such different needs than the younger.  I work different parts of my mind in order to give each one the things that they need. But, really I do have stretches where I have down time that used to be filled with games. So what am I doing?

Better technology keeps me more in touch with my friends than the last time I was on mat leave. My downtime during naps is now taken up by Facebook on the iPhone. And my reader on the iPhone.

Netflix on the iPhone (OMG! Xena! Quantum Leap! River Monsters!!!1!)

PocketFrogs on the iPhone. (What, it’s damn fun. Don’t knock it. )

Before, if I wanted to connect on-line I had to move to the desktop, connect, wait, point and click.  Gaming was easier. press button, turn on TV. Done. Now I have so much more in my pocket; I am entertained and engaged wherever I am. Now, on the other hand, if I want to game, it means moving to the console, connecting and finding the controller amongst all the toys. Exchange Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue DVD for game disc. Remember what the eff it is that I am supposed to be doing in this game. Hopefully accomplish something before naptime is over, but probably not. iPhone is so much easier and has such a wider variety.

Am I suggesting that Steve Jobs ruined gaming for me? Yes, yes I am. 

Obviously there is more to it than an update in some amazing technology. Last time around I was also very involved in a gaming community. Excitement is infectious and without clan members and day-to-day gaming buddies to yap about the game everyday I lack that feedback.  On some perverse level I enjoy being angry, I like the excitement. Where I used to get angry about the sexism and racism in gaming and gamers, I now get all angry at US politics. I’m terribly fun.

But on a good note I have found some amazing blogs and voices of feminist gamers out there. In my old community I was the only feminist gamer, the shrieking man-hater that I am. Once I left, I found that I wasn’t the only one. I am proud to say that I am not as articulate or educated as half of them. I’m not alone and that has taken a load of drama from my mind.

Also, I just haven’t seen anything that I really want to have yet. Except Skyrim. I’m out of the loop and I start down the gaming boredom spiral. I don’t see anything I like, so I lose interest so I don’t see anything I like.

So, low excitement means that I don’t want to game. In the competition for the TV, my lack of conviction means I don’t feel the need to press my need for gaming, especially when there is a fresh hockey season. Football is underway. I can always watch something on Netflix or heaven forbid I actually work out.

All things in life ebb and flow. Now is the time for me to do other things. Gaming will come back. Did I mention Skyrim comes out right around my birthday?