Another Arrow in my Quiver: Adding a New Genre to the Repetoire

I envy most other hard core gamers; they seem to be able to devour games at an alarming rate. If our gaming lives were an evening out for dinner, most other hardcore gamers would be at a Vegas all you can eat buffet, their plates piled high with all sorts of tasty goodness. My dinner would be at a fancy restaurant where your plate is big, but empty. Each bite is to be savoured and enjoyed to its fullest.

My new boyfriend: Stealth Action Games

While I do like the way I game, slowly, methodically: I wish I had the time and skill to enjoy all that gaming has to offer.

Since I am a slow gamer, I must budget my time, rather than my cash in order to make the most of my gaming. Historically, I have narrowed my focus: RPGs only. In fact, in my earliest gaming career, my perceived lack of skill meant i only felt comfortable with turn based RPGs.

When God of War came out, everyone said that it was a must play: for gameplay (fine, whatever… I didn’t “do” action games) but for the visuals and the art (okay… now I’m listening). I got it, played it and lo and behold. I even finished it on “normal”. almost. I jacked it down to easy for the final boss.  Hey, I’m in this to enjoy myself. Hours of frustration is not enjoying myself.

Point being I am open to new gaming types other than RPGs; they just really have to capture my attention.

So, I played Batman: Arkham Asylum when it came out: it looked cool and a buddy of mine kept going on about the voice acting. Then Splinter Cell: Conviction trailers and hype made me go “wow.” Got it, loved the Last Known Position and Mark and /execute mechanics. Multiplayer is fun too!

Then I was chatting with another buddy of mine. We were talking about games I could pick up, when he said “Dude, I left Assassin’s Creed 2 in the bag with your PS2,  along with the box set of Farscape.”

Everyone needs friends like that.

And so, I finally started AC2. Damn but this is my kind of game. I don’t need to fight directly if I don’t want to. I can take my time, in fact I am encouraged to do so. There are hidden “thingies” to find. A city to explore. I think about this game when I am not playing it. In short: hurray! A new franchise to know and love!

Wait a minute: Batman: AA, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Assassin’s Creed 2… I am a stealth action fan!? Who knew? How is this possible?

Well… Let’s think. In every RPG I tend to take a stealth character first: Infiltrator in Mass Effect, Thief types in Elder Scrolls. Fallout 3 I created a stealth based, headshot master. So maybe this makes sense after all.

I sometimes wonder if my love of stealth characters is because I fear an all out brawl. Afraid that my lack of skill is going to show and I won’t be able to finish the game. If that’s the case: I should get over it. I have been able to finish games with a non-stealth character on a second playthrough. In fact in Mass Effect I took the opposite of a stealth character and didn’t lose anyone on the suicide mission. I was running into too much trouble in Oblivion as a stealth character, so I creater an all out brawler so that I could sirvive long enough to get used to the game, then I switched back to my stealth character. I wonder if one day I will turn into a straight up action fan.

Now that I am new to the genre of stealth action, can you lads and lasses direct me to some gems I am missing? I have much to explore… after I finish Assassin’s Creed 2 of course…

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  • Dawn Logan  On October 12, 2010 at 1:54 pm

    Well to state an obvious choice…Metal Gear Solid.

    I don’t have a PS3 so I haven’t played this myself but friends of mine who are into stealth games all seem to love it. I personally rather shoot you in the face with my sawed off and then dance upon your remains but that’s the kind of player I am. LOL.

    In Mass Effect I started off as a soldier but moved over to Vanguard. I liked the idea of being able to shoot but also using biotic powers too.

    I’m surprised to hear you are playing God of War and Splinter Cell. Brings me back to when I first met you and we played Rainbow 6 Vegas on my birthday.

    Good times!

    • yellingatpixels  On October 15, 2010 at 7:48 pm

      I totally miss playing with you!

      Funny enough in FPS I find it easier and so more fun, to rock the shottie. and my second playthrough of ME is a vanhguard too… not how I usually play the game, so I am finding it more of a challenge.

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