An Unfamiliar Controller – Oh. It’s the Remote. (TV/Gaming/Ads)

TV Remote - Or so they tell me

Do I waggle this? I'm kinda confused.

My In-Laws are great. But alas, they are non-gamers. My father-in-law has mad skillz, yo, on those little card games that come with Windows, and once when there was a touch of family drama I saw my mother-in-law clean up on Wii Boxing (note to self: don’t make mother-in-law upset, she has a devastating right hook) but that’s really it.  They are something that is unfamiliar to me. They are a TV family.

At home, I’m either gaming, or surfing and writing when I have spare time. My husband is NOT a gamer, bit of a role reversal from most people I know. But he’s typically on-line, reading or writing. The only thing we watch on TV is sports. And sometimes that we even watch on-line.

The point, if there is one on this lazy summer weekend post, is that I have no interest in TV anymore. None. My In-Laws will ask “Oh what is on Thursday Nights.” and I can’t even name you a channel. Not that I have little screen time, or that I’m a saint or something, but I wonder if this is a trend. And if it is a trend, what does it mean?

TV, traditionally, is how advertisers make their money. It’s where we see all those fantastic beer, sugary cereal


How will I know which of these is part of a balanced breakfast?

and pop commercials – depending on the demographic of the audience of course. I went from watching TV a “normal” amount of TV to practically zero in the 9 or so years that I have been a gamer.  Ads gotta get me someplace. And let’s face it. They are gonna get us in our games.

Now. I actually don’t mind ads in gaming, if they make sense. In fact I would welcome a NASCAR type racing game with a ton of ads all over the cars, the people etc. Just like in real life. Same with a scene in a mall. It makes sense if there is a Starbucks on every level, as opposed to a “FarLucks” or some other BS rip off. That would add to the realism of the game.

I’ll even give games a bit of a pass and put up virtual billboards all over. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the “look and feel” of the game.

But when the ads break that realism, (I’m looking at you Guitar Hero 3) then you have lost me.

Well not really, cause I will still play your game. And probably subliminally buy your product.




Damn you advertisers. You win this round.

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  • Enrico  On July 26, 2010 at 9:26 am

    It can be somewhat amusing when ads break into the realism of the game though. Take the loosely-based on reality look and feel of Modern Warfare 2 or ET: Quake Wars. Both have actual billboards which display some inane, made-up product or a blank sheet in the SP. Jump online though, and you’ve got ads for everything from the latest video cards to Subway sandwiches! I love the idea of calling out “Artillery on the Cold Cut Combo near the radar installation”. Realistic? I’d have to check if that’s how they roll in Green Beret or SEAL teams. Either way, it gives the level a refreshing flavour, even if that flavour is BBQ sauce.


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