E3 Impressions… Offhand, not that impressed.

Okay, I’ll admit: due to circumstances (damn work) I am not paying as much attention to E3 as I have in the past.  But I am keeping up to date via my reader, and through chatting with buddies.

Last year at E3, I saw the trailer for Splinter Cell: Conviction, a game that was NOT near my radar, in a franchise I never would have thought I would have ever played. However, the game mechanics caught my attention. The more information I sought out, the more intrigued I became. Eventually Splinter Cell made it’s way into my collection, first day of release. 

Today. Nothing new is getting my attention, and by new I mean games that aren’t on my radar. Yes, Fallout: New Vegas and Fable III has me piddling with excitement. But as I sit here and type… nothing else is coming to mind. Nothing else is jumping up and saying “BUY ME!”

Do, I want Fallout and Fable because I am familiar with and enjoy the previous incarnation of the series, or is it because this new version caught me?

So far, following things on twitter… I see lots of hype for the people who are there (Cirque de Soleil, Free alcohol, more free alcohol, Activision’s bizarre spectacle with celebs onl y and no games… and more free alcohol) and not much for the folks that aren’t (you know… really good gaming hype…)

I want to be caught up in something fantstic. Something that I didn’t know before. I don’t *want* to be one of those people who plays the same old genres, and the same old franchises…. I want another game to grab me and say “Regardless of your gaming preferences: if you are a gamer: you have GOT to see this game in action…”

so far… it hasn’t hit me. But maybe I’m just missing something. Have you seen anything that is really new or isn’t in  your own gaming realm that you got excited about?

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